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Volume 5 – Winter 2011

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  • Welcome to Volume 5 of Cases in Public Health Communication and Marketing! This volume includes case studies on several different types of health communication and social marketing campaigns to promote the public’s health across the life span.

  • Editorial

    • Contributions of Public Health Campaigns Across the Life Span (Full-text PDF)

      Avani Patel, MPH Candidate, Kajal A. Patel, MPH, Meenakshi Ahuja, MBBS, MPH

  • Peer-Reviewed Cases

    • Exchanging Health for Commercialization: The News Media’s Mediation of the Baby Carrots Campaign (Abstract | Full-text PDF)

      Avery E. Holton, MA, Brad Love, PhD, Michael Mackert, PhD

    • Get Help: Using the Target Audience to Refine Placement and Promotional Strategies in a Campaign to Reduce Alcohol-Related Sexual Assault (Abstract | Full-text PDF)

      Jennifer G. Hall, PhD, Stephanie Karpicke, MA

    • “Flirting is Not Consent. Ask Everyone, Every Time”: Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Health Communication Campaign to Prevent Sexual Violence (Abstract | Full-text PDF)

      Emily Joy Haas, MA, Marifran Mattson, PhD, Kathlyn Wilkinson, MPH

    • A National Long Term Care Awareness Campaign: A Case Study in Social Marketing (Abstract | Full-text PDF)

      Eileen J. Tell, MPH, John A. Cutler, JD

    • “I’m Allergic to Stupid Decisions”: An m-Health Campaign to Reduce Youth Alcohol Consumption (Abstract | Full-text PDF)

      L. Suzanne Suggs, PhD, MS, CHES, Gisela Rots, MS, Jonnas Jacques, Huong Vong, Jenn Mui, Brendan Reardon, Team IA2SD

    • A Practical Approach to the Measurement of a Campus Influenza Campaign and Predictors of Vaccination Uptake among College Students (Abstract | Full-text PDF)

      Cathy St. Pierre, MS

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