Services for Students

As a Milken Institute School of Public Health student, you have access to many resources including those specific to the School of Public Health, and those available to all GW students.

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University Wide Resources

Below is a selection of frequently used university resources and services. For a more complete list, check out or 

Career Center (university-wide)

Current Schedule of Classes (log-in required)

DegreeMap - access through GWeb (Student Records & Registration → Student Records Information Menu → DegreeMAP)

Disability Support Services

Financing Your Education

Himmelfarb Library

International Scholars Office

Student Accounts

Student Health Service

The GW Bookstore

University Counseling Center

Writing Center

Assistantships and Fellowships - Milken Institute SPH students are eligible to pursue opportunities listed in the national fellowships databases.  ​

School of Public Health Resources

Academic Forms

Career Services (specific to School of Public Health, see also: GW Career Center [above])

Funding for Current Students (see also, Assistantships & Fellowships [above])

Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

New Student Orientation Information

Powerpoint templates with school logo (via the Milken Institute School of Public Health Research Portal)

Student Organizations

Student Organizations- request a classroom/meeting space

DrPH-Specific Resources

DrPH Handbook (2016)

DrPH Handbook (2014)

DrPH Handbook (2012)

DrPH Dissertation Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

DrPH Statement of Understanding

DrPH Post-Comps Checklist

DrPH Dissertation Defense Request Form

DrPH Dissertation Defense Report Form

DrPH Dissertation Committee Approval Form

DrPH Dissertation Proposal Defense Form

DrPh Dissertation Proposal Defense Request Form

DrPH Leadership Credits Plan

PhD-Specific Resources

PhD Dissertation Defense Request Form

PhD Dissertation Committee Approval Form

PhD Dissertation Proposal Defense Request Form

PhD Dissertation Defense Report Form

PhD Dissertation Proposal Defense Report Form

PhD-SBS Disssertation Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

PhD-SBS Handbook (2016)

PhD-SBS Statements of Understanding

Department-Specific Resources 

Some departments have additional resources for students in their department, such as department intranets or additional funding opportunities. Visit your department's "student resources" web page to view a list of your department-level resources.