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Beverly Westerman


Minors have been established within the University to provide opportunities for formal inter-school study. Students must be enrolled in a degree program and must be in good standing to be eligible to take a Minor in another school.  Minors generally consist of 15-21 credits of prescribed courses, depending on the Field. Upon successful completion of all requirements, the title of Minor and the courses taken in support of the Field are entered on the student’s transcript.  

Minor in Nutrition

Milken Institute School of Public Health offers a Minor in Nutrition through the Department of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences. Students completing the minor in nutrition gain a deeper understanding of the science of nutrition.  GW's SPH Minor in Nutrition consists of 15 credit hours.  This Minor provides a strong foundation in nutrition across the lifespan, in sport and in public health.   Requirements: 2.5 cumulative GPA or above.

*Please note: Exercise Science majors cannot declare a minor in nutrition.


The requirements for the Minor in Nutrition: 

Required courses:  
EXNS 1114 Community Nutrition  
EXNS 1118 Sport and Nutrition  
EXNS 2119 Introduction to Nutrition Sciences   
Selectives: (choose two courses from below)
SUST 2003 The Sustainable Plate
BISC 1007 Food, Nutrition, and Service
GEOG 2133 People, Land, and Food
HLWL 1116 Lifestyle  Nutrition
HLWL 1108 Weight and Society


Adding or Dropping

Please see the Program Advisor(s) for information, admission to the minor, to drop the minor, for assistance in the selection of the elective course and to amend the courses on the original program of study. The Milken Institute SPH will not process requests to add a Minor during the registration period.  All transactions require the Application for Undergraduate Minor form and signatures.

Past Program Guides

This is the current program guide. Prior to August 4th, 2014 this program was categorized as a "secondary field of study". The archived guide is found below.

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Secondary Field of Study Program Guide 2015-2016

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