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Robert E. Burke


The Graduate Certificate in Long-Term Care is designed to prepare students to best meet the needs of a rapidly aging population in the U.S. by providing the academic course requirements necessary for licensure of post acute and senior services programs and facilities. The objectives of the certificate are to master the requirements, strengthen understanding of facility management, provider services and programs, and federal policies to achieve the highest levels of quality of care in senior and long term care services.


The National Association of Boards of Licensure for Long Term Care has accredited the Health Policy and Management department’s program in long term care management. More and more states require that for those seeking nursing home administrator licenses, only courses in programs with this accreditation are considered to meet the educational requirements of the state licensure standards. Our certificate is 18 credits all of which can be applied to the MHA degree.  


Admission Requirements

Graduate Certificate programs are open to applicants with a Master’s degree or higher who may wish to gain knowledge and skills in public health or health services.  Applicants without Master’s degrees (e.g. Public Health Nursing, RN) may be eligible depending upon their professional experience in public health.

Admissions requirements and application procedures for the Graduate Certificate programs are identical to those of the Master’s degree programs.

Course Requirements

  1. Graduate credit requirement. 18 graduate credits are required.
  2. The program director/advisor must pre-approve all course selections and course sequencing by developing a “program of study” prior to the student’s initial registration. Graduate certificate students meet with their advisor each semester before registration. All changes in this program of study must be pre-approved by the program director/advisor.
  3. Course requirements. Since most graduate certificate students are currently enrolled in an MPH program or have previously earned a graduate degree, most course credits will be selected from the program-specific course list. Under no circumstances may a certificate student enroll in fewer than 9 credits of program-specific courses.
  4. Grade point requirement. A 3.0 (B average) overall grade point average or better is required.
  5. Time limit requirement. The certificate must be completed within 2 years.
  6. Transfer credit policy. The program director/advisor may approve up to 4 graduate credits that have not been applied to a previous graduate degree to be transferred to the graduate certificate. The course(s) must be relevant to the graduate certificate. Credits must have been earned in the last 3 years from an accredited institution with a grade point of 3.0 or better.

Program Requirements

Program Guide for 2016-2017 is found here:  Long Term Care Graduate Certificate

Required courses (12 credits)  
HSML 6203 Intro to Health Management  
HSML 6207 Health Services Info Applications  
HSML 6216 Human Resources Management & Organizational Behavior  
HSML 6236 Aging & Disability:Needs & Services  
HSML 6237 Managing Skilled Nursng Facility  
Electives (6 credits)  
The following is a sample list. Topics vary from semester to semester.  
HSML 6299 Topics in HSML (such as: Current Issues in Federal LTC; Advanced Finance; Six Sigma)  
HSML 6204 Quality & Performance Improvement  
PUBH 6537 Health Promotion & Aging  
PUBH 6099 Topics in Public Health (such as: Alzheimer's Care: Policy & Practice; Long Term Care Finance)  


Federal Disclosure Requirements

Past Program Guides

This is the current program guide for this program. Students should follow the course requirements from the year in which they entered the program.

Past Guides:

Certificate Long Term Care 2009-2010
Certificate Long Term Care 2010-2011
Certificate Long Term Care 2011-2012
Certificate Long Term Care 2013-2014

Certificate Long Term Care 2015-2016


Guides that are not available online can be accquired from the Academic Affairs Program Coordinator in the Dean's Office.