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Volume 4 - Summer 2010

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  • Welcome to Volume 4 of Cases in Public Health Communication and Marketing! This volume includes case studies on using social media to promote the public's health, as well as invited case studies on women's reproductive health.

  • Editorials

  • Peer-Reviewed Cases

    • Evaluating the "Baby Jack" Storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful: Making a Case for Bone Marrow Donations (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Charlotte Lapsansky, MA,Janel S. Schuh, MA, Lauren Movius, MSc, Michael Cody, PhD, Paula D. Woodley, MA, Sandra de Castro Buffington, MPH

    • One Tiny Reason to Quit: A Coalition-based Smoking Cessation Campaign for Pregnant African American Women (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Allison L. Sepulveda, MA,Diane B. Wilson, EdD,Sheryl L. Garland, MHA, Susan E. Dubuque, MEd, Rose Stith Singleton, MEd, May G. Kennedy, PhD, MPH

    • Engaging Youth through Partnerships in Entertainment Education (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sheena Nahm, PhD, MPH, Kathy Le, MPH, Sandra de Castro Buffington, MPH, Nanci Schiman, MSW, CAPSW, Shira Raider, BA, Susan Resko, MM

    • "Where do you draw the line?" Wyoming's Unified Campaign to Tackle Substance Abuse (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

    • Mike Sukle, Amy Neujahr, KC Koch, Dan Schultz, Rodger McDaniel
    • Segmenting Beyond Demographics: North Carolina's Use of Two Tools to Segment Audiences for Obesity Prevention (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sheree Thaxton Vodicka, MA, RD, LDN, Marie Shelton, MPH, RD, James Cassell, MA

  • Invited Cases

    • Social Marketing of a Preconception Counseling Interactive Health Technology: Reproductive-Health Education and Awareness of Diabetes in Youth for Girls (READY-Girls) (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Andrea Rodgers Fischl, PhD, MPH, Monica DiNardo, MSN, William H. Herman, MD, MPH, Denise Charron-Prochownik, PhD, CPNP, FAAN
    • Healthy From Birth For Life: Peer Education as a Strategy to Combat Adolescent Obesity and Promote Preconception Health (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Michelle A. Gordon, Dorothy L. Faulkner, PhD, MPH, Cheryl Hunter-Grant, LMSW, CLC, Heather L. Brumberg, MD, MPH, FAAP
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