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Volume 4 - 2010 Proceedings

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  • Welcome to Volume 4 Proceedings and the first supplemental edition of Cases in Public Health Communication and Marketing, the Proceedings issue! This edition of Cases consists of papers based on presentations given during the 2008-09 George Washington University (GWU) symposium series. The 2008-09 series focused on global and domestic US public health communication and social marketing.

  • Editorials

  • Peer-Reviewed Cases

    • Improving Child Health in Cambodia: Social Marketing of Diarrhea Treatment Kit, Results of a Pilot Project (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Dan Borapich, Mary Warsh
    • "Ligne Verte" Toll-Free Hotline: Using Cell Phones to Increase Access to Family Planning Information in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Jamaica Corker

    • Sanitation Marketing As An Emergent Application of Social Marketing: Experiences From East Java (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Jacqueline Devine

    • Using Social Media to Reach Women with The Heart Truth© - 2009 Update (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

    • Terry Long, Ann M. Taubenheim, PhD, MSN , Jennifer Wayman, MHS, Sarah Temple, Emily Yu
    • Social Networking Web Sites: How Receptive Are Users to Accessing Information about HIV? (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Jennifer Uhrig, Carla Bann, Peyton Williams, W. Douglas Evans


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