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Volume 3 - Summer 2009

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Index | Editorials | Peer-Reviewed Cases | ShowCase Cases | New Media & Smoking Cessation

  • Welcome to the second volume of Cases in Public Health Communication & Marketing. This volume includes cases on vulnerable populations, selections from the U.K.'s National Social Marketing Centre's ShowCase website, and cases on new media and smoking cessation.

  • Editorials

    • ShowCase Social Marketing: Building a World Class Evidence Base (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Lucy Reynolds, DPhil, Jeff French, PhD
    • A Mix of Old and New: Applying Traditional and New Media Strategies to Reach Vulnerable Populations (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Lindsay Hallett, MPH, Nalini Padmanabhan, MPH, Heather Pitorak MPH (candidate), Katy Roberson, MPH
  • Peer-Reviewed Cases

    • Health Communication via New Media: An Internet-Based Peer Community Dedicated to Health Information Created by Youth in Dakar, Senegal (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Philip Massey, Bozena M. Morawski, Alexandre Rideau, Deborah Glik, ScD
    • Designing an Agricultural Safety Intervention Program for Ohio Amish Youth (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Amy Beaudreault, MS, Dee Jepsen, PhD, Wayne Dellinger, MS
    • Impact of a Community Dental Fair on Knowledge and Intentions among Low-Income Hispanic Colonia Residents (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Brenda S. Hanson, PhD, Sharon E. Thompson, MPH, PhD, CHES, Eileen Huereque, BS, MS, CHES
    • BodyLove: The Impact of Targeted Radio Educational Entertainment on Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior among African-Americans (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF | Audio)

      Naomi Chen, Connie Kohler, DrPH, Yu-Mei Schoenberger, PhD, Julie Suzuki-Crumly, PhD, Kathryn Davis, Jeralyn Powell
  • ShowCase Cases

  • New Media & Smoking Cessation Cases

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