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Volume 2 - August 2008

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    Welcome to the second volume of Cases in Public Health Communication & Marketing. This volume's theme is the use of new media in public health media campaigns.

    Below you can find the articles from our current volume including editorials, peer-reviewed student cases, and invited cases on the use of new media in public health campaigns. (pdf of Table of Contents)

  • Editorials

    • Multicultural Outreach (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Alexandra Mottern, Lauren Sogor, Guisou Zarbalian, MS
    • New Media Cases in Cases in Public Health Communication & Marketing: The Promise and Potential (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Lorien Abroms, Sc.D., Renata Schiavo, PhD, R. Craig Lefebvre, PhD

  • Peer-Reviewed Cases

    • A Syphilis Elimination Media Campaign in Oklahoma County (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Marshall Cheney, MA, Robert John, PhD, Laura Brennan, BA
    • Talk to the Fifth Guy: A Lesson in Social Marketing (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Christina Plourde, MPH, Lynn Cook, MHS, CHES, Peter Mitchell, Christene Jennings
    • Voices and Images: Tuberculosis Photovoice in a Binational Setting (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Hendrik De Heer, MS, Eva Moya, LMSW, Romel Lacson, MPH, Michelle Shedlin, PhD
    • The 4:3:2:1 Healthy Kids Project: A Pilot Intervention to Reduce Childhood Obesity in Elementary School Students (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Thomas Gore, MA, Natalie Caine-Bish, PhD, RD, LD, R. Scott Olds, HSD, Angela DeJulius, MD, MPH, Steve Mitchell, PhD, Judi Juvancic-Heltzel, MA, Katie Pierce, MA, Nichole Egbert, PhD
    • Key Components in Planning, Implementing and Monitoring a Behavior Change Communication Campaign that Increased Condom Use among Male Clients of Sex Workers in Southern India (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Dana Ward, MPH, Risha Hess, R. Craig LeFebvre, PhD
  • Invited Cases on New Media in Public Health Campaigns

    • New Media and the VERB™ Campaign: Tools to Motivate Tweens to Be Physically Active (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Marian Huhman, PhD
    • Health Communication and Marketing Research with New Media: Case Study of the Parents Speak Up National Campaign Evaluation (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      W. Douglas Evans, PhD, Kevin C. Davis, MA, Yun Zhang
    • Raising Awareness of Sustainable Food Issues and Building Community via the Integrated Use of New Media with Other Communication Approaches (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Andrew Williams, Diana Zraik, Renata Schiavo, PhD, Diane Hatz
    • A Case Study of Using New Media to Promote Recycling in North Carolina (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Leslie Hamilton, Kelley Dennings, Lorien C. Abroms, SCD
    • Using New Media to Make HIV Personal: A Partnership of MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Tina Hoff, Meredith Mishel, Ian Rowe
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