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Volume 1 - June 2007

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    Welcome to our Inaugural Issue!

    Below you can find all of the student articles in our first issue along with our sponsored articles and editorials.
  • Editorials

    • Why a Case Studies Journal For the Fields of Public Health Communication and Marketing? (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Ellen Sowala - Editor in Chief; Jennifer Colburn - Managing Editor; Jenna Williams-Bader - Managing Editor;
    • Effective Campaigning on a Modest Budget (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Ellen Sowala - Editor in Chief;
    • The Future of Organ Donation in the United States:
      Encouraging Americans to Become Donors (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Jenna Williams-Bader - Managing Editor;
    • Health Literacy and an Aging Population:
      What Can Be Done? (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Jennifer Colburn - Managing Editor;

  • Peer-Reviewed Cases

    • Donate Life California:
      A Campaign Launch Case Study (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Helen Allrich, Elizabeth Dougall, David Heneghan
    • Screen for Life: Using Targeted Health Messages to Increase Participation in a State Colorectal Cancer Screening Program. (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Katherine Eddens, Matthew Kreuter, Robin Snider
    • Reconsidering Motorcycle Safety at Purdue:
      A Case Study Integrating Campaign Theory and Practice (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Carin Kosmoski, Marifran Mattson, Jennifer Hall
    • Motivating Television Viewers to Become Organ Donors (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Lauren Movius, Michael Cody, Grace Huang, Mandy Berkowitz, Susan Morgan
    • We Call Upon The Congress
      An Advocacy Strategy on Behalf of Birth Registration Rights (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Pamela Bravo Alcantara, Mark Edberg, Rocio Vargas Morales
    • Evaluating E-Consultations as Catalysts for the Youth HIV/AIDS Movement (Abstract | Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Santosh Vijaykumar, Joya Banerjee, Elizabeth A. Baker
    • Process Evaluation in a Randomized Community Trial of a Youth-Aimed,
      Substance-Use Prevention Media Campaign

      Maria Leonora G. Comello, Michael D. Slater, Kathleen J. Kelly
  • Invited Cases

    • The Social Marketing of Insecticide-Treated Nets (ITNs) in Kenya (Full-text PDF)

      Dana Tilson
  • Sponsored Cases

    • Opposition to Effective Social Marketing:
      Lorillard Tobacco Company's Failed Attempt to Shut Down the American Legacy Foundation (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sponsored by: American Legacy Foundation
      Ellen Vargyas, JD
    • The Birth of "truth"
      (and What It Tells Us About the Importance of Horizontal Influence) (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sponsored by: Porter Novelli
      Catherine Schum, M.A., Robert J. Gould, Ph.D.
    • Active for LifeTM :
      Taking a Walking Program for Older Adults to Scale Nationwide (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sponsored by: AARP
      Teresa Ann Keenan, PhD
    • Drugs + HIV: Learn the Link Campaign:
      How IQ Solutions and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Adapted a Television PSA for Hispanic Teens (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sponsored by: IQ Solutions
      Everly Macario, ScD, MS, EdM; Jennifer A. Isenberg, MS; Ileana Quintas
    • National Cancer Institute's Patient Education Resources:
      Who's Using Them and How? (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sponsored by: NOVA Research Company
      Daniel S. Eckstein, M.A.; Allison Zambon, M.H.S.; Olivia Propst, M.Ed.
    • Creating a Dialogue:
      The Introduction of a New Educational Tool to Improve Patient-Physician Communications about High Blood Pressure (Full-text HTML | Full-text PDF)

      Sponsored by: Chandler Chicco Agency
      Cornelia Oehler, Christian Pflaumer
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