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OnPAR: A second chance for Unfunded NIH Proposals


OnPAR: A second chance for Unfunded NIH Proposals

It takes months to compile concepts and preliminary data into a meaningful and robust research strategy. Then, even more time to coordinate with your research administrative team to prepare the required sponsor documentation. The sponsor deadline arrives and you send off your well-written proposal to NIH. You await agency review. Alas, you receive a score just below the pay line or in the top 30%, and due to the limitation in funding, your application does not make the cut. Ouch!

If you apply for grants, it’s highly likely that you have experienced this weight of disappointment due to rejection or triage of your research proposal. You’re not alone. As researchers we’ve all been there!

Yes, competition is fierce. In 2015 the NIH reviewed 52,190 applications and funded 9,540, a success rate of 18.3% ( Resubmitting is often an option, a good option. But now researchers have another option.

Would you be interested in giving your proposed idea a second chance outside of the standard NIH process? Consider OnPAR: The NIH has teamed up with science and technology solutions company, Leidos, to offer proposals previously submitted to NIH another opportunity for funding.

Leidos will match high-scoring, unfunded NIH proposals with private biomedical foundations and/or industries seeking to fund promising research. Member foundations and industries partnering with OnPAR will have access to the peer-reviewed public research abstracts that directly relate to their funding priorities. This access provides a rich pipeline of early stage and translational research proposals that otherwise may be shelved, and not considered. OnPAR provides a second opportunity to secure funding. See details below. If you have questions, contact the SPH Office of Research Excellence at Please let us know if you’d like to give it a try!

How to Apply

FAQs from OnPAR

1. Do I need to re-write my grant proposal to submit to OnPAR?

No. OnPAR will only accept the original application that you sent to NIH and the summary statement that you received from NIH.

2. How do I make sure that my Intellectual Property (IP) is protected?

After you are invited to submit a full proposal, you and your organization will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the member organization that wants to see your full application.

3. My application does not match any of the current funding members, should I register?

Yes. OnPAR will be adding funding members regularly. OnPAR will notify registered participants of any changes in funding partners.


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