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NIH Cracking Down on Non-Compliant Applications!!


Submitting an NIH proposal is a time-consuming, committed event that involves a team of staff submitting the most compelling grant application.  Every Principal Investigator needs to ensure that along with a compelling research strategy, every requirement, guideline and format has been adequately addressed and in compliance.

NIH is now officially reminding PIs that if applications are deemed to be non-compliant, they can have serious consequences and applications can be withdrawn at any point in the receipt, referral, and review process.

What does this mean for you? Here are just some examples of why your application could be withdrawn:

  • Applications with biosketches using outdated formats (new format mandatory May 25th) not conformed to the requirement – could be withdrawn (NOT-OD-15-032). Note: We are offering a “hands-on” NIH Biosketch training on May 27, 10 am, 4th floor conference room.
  • Proposal packages not adhering to the page limitations due to inappropriate materials in parts of the application that don’t belong – could be withdrawn (NOT-OD-11-080).
  • Applications designated as new but contain parts of a resubmission or renewal – could be withdrawn (NOT-OD-15-059).
  • Applications submitted after the application deadline time on the application due date – could be withdrawn (NOT-OD-15-039).

The above mentioned are some of the examples from NIH. It would be unfortunate newsto learn that the very application that was crafted with such care ends up withdrawn due to non-compliance with the sponsor requirements. NIH is clearly stating that out of compliance applications have the potential of not being reviewed.

Remember that it is important to account for the efforts of your team, staff and collaborators to ensure a successful proposal submission. Proposal preparation warrants reasonable time-lines to ensure that you comply with application standards and allow for adequate time for departmental, school and OVPR reviews.

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