Dean Lynn R. Goldman

In 2010, world-renowned epidemiologist, pediatrician, educator and former EPA regulator Lynn R. Goldman was named dean of Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University, formerly known as the School of Public Health and Health Services. In 2014, after the school's name change, she was named the Michael and Lori Milken Dean. In 2010, GW President Steven Knapp noted, “With her breadth of experience in the field of children’s environmental health, public health practice and chemical regulatory policy, as well as her distinguished career in government, Dr. Lynn Goldman is ideally suited to lead our rapidly emerging public health school." Dean Goldman is a leading authority on many public health issues and offers her insights and point of view in an on-going series of blog posts for the Huffington Post.

A Message from the Dean

Public health begins with the basics of our existence—clean water, safe food, and breathable air—and continues through more complex and technical issues such as auto safety, vaccine development and distribution, infectious disease, maternal and child health, obesity, and health care reform.  Public health impacts all of us:  how long we live, the quality of our lives, our sense of well-being, and the health of our children and future generations. 

Right now is the best time in history to pursue innovative solutions to complex and thorny public health problems. While the challenges we face and the problems we need to solve are intricate as well as formidable, the tools and technology we have in our hands and a growing national and international appreciation of public health means that the winds are in our favor. 

I am honored to now be the Michael and Lori Milken Dean at Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University. With the recent generous gifts to our school I have no doubt we will continue  climbing in national rankings; developing translational research; convening leaders and thinkers to tackle the greatest public health issues of the day and educating our students to be the public health innovators of tomorrow.  We are the only public health school with a department of policy, and ours is rated in the top ten.  In a time when the multiple values of physical fitness, athletic conditioning and behavior modification are being recognized and championed, we are one of only three public health schools with a department of exercise science. With the creation of the Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness we will now have the resources to really focus on prevention of disease and the promotion of wellness. 

Over the years I have witnessed many people embark on a career in public health.  And always there exists a spirit of altruism as they undertake this remarkable journey. Men and women devote their lives to this work because they want to make a difference:  to save lives, to enable people everywhere to enjoy healthy and fulfilled lives, and thus to create a better future for everyone.  It takes passion and commitment to work in public health, and we see this every day in our halls.  Our School is attracting the best students in our history, who come here to learn from and work with a top-flight faculty possessing knowledge, skill, and real-world experience.  Because of the expertise of our faculty and our location in the District of Columbia, we have enormous exposure to and influence on policy related to public health—in the city of Washington, D.C.; nationally; and internationally. 

I invite you to get to know Milken Institute School of Public Health. Learn about the challenges and opportunities facing public health in the 21st century. And while the challenges facing us sometimes seem insurmountable, this School has optimism imbedded in its DNA. Our students often say: “If you want to change the world, there is no better place than this School and no better time than right now.”