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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of practice-oriented learning in the field of public health communication and marketing. All submissions that have the potential to advance that objective by illuminating important principles of effective program management will be considered for publication.

We believe there is much to be learned by critically analyzing real-world experience. Unlike at NASA, at this journal failure is an option. We encourage analysis of both successful and failed programs. By providing a platform to critically assess real-world case studies, this journal hopes to raise the bar on the practice of public health communication and marketing.

Our Target Audience and Approach

We recognize that people from many professional disciplines contribute to the field of public health communication and marketing. Authors from any professional discipline and from any region of the world are encouraged to submit relevant cases.

We designed this journal in a manner intended to engage practitioners, students and teachers. Graduate students edit this journal. In partnership with practitioners and their academic advisors, graduate students are the lead authors of all peer-reviewed cases in this journal. And to give practitioners a chance to take the lead in critically analyzing their own work, we also feature commissioned and sponsored cases (that are not peer-reviewed).

We are specifically seeking cases that offer insight into how to effectively create and manage a public health communication or marketing program (or the communication and marketing component of a larger multi-component public health program). We will not accept manuscripts that report stand-alone research findings (i.e., research not conducted in the context of developing or improving an actual public health program.)

What is a "Case"?

A public health case study is the analysis of a real-world program (health communication or social marketing) that the author has experienced or been able to observe. A case study accepted for publication will include both a description and original analysis or evaluation of the program or program component.

Thank you for your interest in Cases. We look forward to working with you.

The Editors

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