Departmental Resources for Students

As a GW student, you have many resources at your disposal through your department, the school, and the university as a whole. For a list of school and university resources available to all Milken Institute School of Public Health students, visit the Student Resources page.

Below are some additional department-specific resources (beyond what is found on the student resources page).

Attend the Department of Prevention and Community Health Colloquium Series. Each month, PCH faculty and invited external experts will lead a presentation about their current research. For the 2016-2017 schedule, click here. For more information or questions, please contact


Student Awards

The department has several awards which recognize the work of current students in the departrment. These include:

  • Culmination Experience Awards
    • Overall COPC CE 
    • Overall MCH CE 
    • Overall PHCM
    • Overall HP
    • Overall PCH
    • Excellence in CE Award in ... Advancing the field of public health
    • CE Award for exemplifying the principles and overall mission of the Department 
  • Excellence in Community Leadership Award
  • Distinguished Scholar Award

Please refer to the 2014 Student Awards Call for Nominations (PDF) to learn more about award eligibility and nominating procedures. For some awards students can self-nominate, while other awards require a faculty member to nominate the student.