Graduate Programs

The Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences' graduate degree programs prepare students for a wide range of professional careers in the fast-growing field of health and wellness.

Our master's degree students learn the more advanced science behind exercise performance, physical activity promotion, and nutrition science, as well as how to design programs that promote health and wellness at the individual, as well as at the population level. Our Master of Science (MS) and Master of Public Health (MPH) graduates go on to work in settings ranging from large government agencies (e.g., USDA, CDC, Pentagon), to hospitals, to school systems, and to professional sports teams (DC United, Redskins, Capitals).

Three graduate degree options are available to students through the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.


Master of Public Health (MPH) in Physical Activity in Public Health

Students study the latest techniques and tactics to integrate physical activity into the core of public health practice. The curriculum focuses on the public health burden of our sedentary lifestyle in the US; the role of physical activity in the etiology, prevention and treatment of chronic disease; the role of the built environment in promoting an active lifestyle and how increasing daily physical activity and lowering hours per day spent sitting have become a top policy priority on public health agenda at the community, national and global levels.

Graduates of the program are prepared to serve as public health scientists and practitioners. They will assist public and private agencies with surveillance, analysis of large population-based data-sets, and with program development and evaluation regarding physical activity, health promotion and disease prevention.

MPH- Physical Activity in Public Health Program Overview from GW PublicHealth on Vimeo.


Master of Public Health (MPH) in Public Health Nutrition
Students in this program will become experts on how to best meet the nutritional health needs of populations (including sub-groups such as children or the elderly) through nutrition-related education, community interventions, policy, administration, and research efforts. The program emphasizes “policy, systems, and environmental change” (PSE) approaches towards improving nutrition-related health outcomes. 


Master of Science (MS) with a concentration in Strength & Conditioning

Students in this program study to become experts in improving athletic performance and physical fitness. They are the men and women who will train the next generation of recreational, scholastic and elite athletes. They will inspire people in their communities to reach their fitness goals. The curriculum includes advanced theory in exercise physiology and the science of resistance training, weight training technique and program design.


Graduate Assistantships in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Graduate Assistantships within the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Science are available for both MPH and MS students to help defer the cost of tuition and housing. EXNS Graduate Assistants have the opportunity to teach activity courses, teach laboratory sections of EXNS courses, and assist with ongoing research projects.

Application instructions for assistantships are available in the Student Resources section.


Please Note: Credits for Lifestyle, Sport and Physical Activity (LSPA) courses are not recognized toward degree requirements for any Milken Institute SPH program.