DC Lab - GW Exercise Physiology Lab

Location and Hours:
950 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Floor B
Washington, DC 20052

To book your appointment online visit istart.youcanbook.me

Monday – Friday
By appointment only.

Welcome to the Exercise Physiology Lab at The George Washington University located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, DC. Our DC facility offers a broad spectrum of top-of-the-line exercise and clinical equipment for body composition and fitness testing. Tests available to the general public include the DEXA, Bod Pod, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, VO2 max and submax tests, and other human performance tests. Our sophisticated technology can be useful to almost everyone, from a highly trained athlete wishing to measure his or her aerobic capacity, to someone just beginning a new fitness plan.

Along with offering a range of services to help the public assess their current health status and measure their progress, our lab is also used for both undergraduate and graduate education in exercise science disciplines across the board. The lab also serves as a research site for a number of projects headed by both students and faculty here at GW.

Information & Appointments: email at istart@gwu.edu or call 202-994-8240.